I imagine that when you plan the fabrics that you are going to use to make your quilts, you have many ways to do it. It really is a complicated job, especially when we do it by hand with the coloring sheets, since if we want to change a color that we have already drawn, and it does not convince us, we have to start from scratch.

Catalina Barceló from Amarar Creacions has thought the same when she was planning her Starlike Quilt Pattern. Specially since this quilt has thousands of possibilities for colors, both in accent colors and in backgrounds. She immediately began to develop a web app where this work is greatly facilitated

Quilt Ink is a FREE web app, where several designers have their patterns published, and where people who wish to plan the colours of their projects can do so in an easy and intuitive way.

This month she has launched a new application to plan the colors of the quilt patterns. This app is called Quilt Ink, and I have had the honor of participating in a Hop Blog to make it known to all quilters. This Blog Hop runs until February 14, and every day a designer will publish a Blog Post where she will show some of her coloured patterns using Quilt Ink and tips and tutorials on how to use the app. Although not many are needed, since it is super easy !!!


Quilt Ink is a FREE application, where several designers have their patterns published, and where people who wish to plan the colors of their projects can do so in an easy and intuitive way. It might be used either on a desktop computer, a laptop, a mobile device/ipad.

It has 3 main features:

On the Patterns page is where are all the patterns available for colouring. You can choose the one you like best to customize it, and each pattern can have one or more sizes available, depending on what that designer offers.

Here is where you might choose the patterns

In this menu you choose the size to colour up

When you are clear about the size, this window will open where you can make all the changes and functionalities of the pattern.

The truth is that it is very complete, since its functions are many, among which I highlight:

Select different colour palettes, depending on the fabric manufacturer. There are the main firms: Robert Kauffman, Paintbrush, Andover, Moda, Free Spirit, and a long etcetera

Find some of the colors that are in the given design. You may not want to start from scratch and simply want to modify some of the colors present in the given colouring. With the dropper you have it very easy!

If you are clear about what colour you want to use and you know its reference, you can use the magnifying glass to find it.

Other functions available are:

Return one step, revert to the original or reset all colours.

When you have your design ready, you have two options: save a draft to resume it whenever you want, because you have not been able to finish it or you are not sure that this is the final colouring. Or you can post it on the wall and share your coloring with other users. You can also download a file in png format to save it on your computer / tablet / mobile. You just have to click on the export button.


Here you have my Vertigo Quilt coloured up with Quilt Ink and the final result. By dragging the bar you can see the before and after: the planning chart and the final result. So fun!


As I told you , there will be several designers showcasing their patterns and explaining how to use the app. Here you have the list with the scheduled day for everyone.

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  1. This is such a great explanation of the app. And I totally adore your split picture of the vertigoquilt. I have to do the quilt again after playing with the app.

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