This tutorial about making a quilted christmas stocking came to my mind when I didn’t know what to do with many triangles that I had left over from trimming the blocks of my Flor Quilt. In this pattern I explain how to make the blocks from these triangles and how to arrange them. From a twin size I have made four christmas stockings.

Although it is made from HSTs, you can do it with any other design or with any fabric. It doesn’t need to be pieced.


  • Exterior fabric: two, 11½” × 18½” rectangles
  • Lining fabric: two, 11½” × 18½” rectangles
  • Batting (optional). I recommend using a low loft batting. One, 11½” × 18½” rectangle
  • Holder: One, 2½” × 6″ rectangle
  • Thread, scissors
  • Template. You’ll find the links for the PDF files below



First of all, print out the template. Print the PDF file at 100% scale or actual size. Cut it along the dashed line and tape the pieces together matching the letters.

Using the template, cut 2 pieces of the exterior fabric (one mirrored), 2 pieces of lining (one mirrored) and 1 piece of batting.

Make a sandwich with the one of the exterior fabric and the batting pieces. Pin to secure and quilt as desired.

Face both exterior pieces right sides together. Using ½” seam allowance, stitch all around the stocking. Be sure to leave the top open. Repeat the process with the lining pieces. Leave also a 4″ gap to turn the piece inside out.

Make some notches in the curved edges of the stocking. You can also use a pair of pinking shears.

Take the rectangle and fold it in half so that the long sides are touching. Press well to create a middle crease.

Open the rectangle. Fold one long raw edge down to meet the freshly made middle crease. Press along the fold. Repeat for the opposite long raw edge.

Fold the rectangle in half so that the folded edges are touching. Press well.

Stitch along the open edge of this new folded strip – your seam allowance will be about 1/8”. You’ve now made the hanger for your stocking!

Turn the exterior piece inside out and insert it into the lining piece, so right sides face together.

Fold the fabric holder along the center and place it on top between both pieces. Stitch along the top edge.

Turn the piece inside out by pulling gently the exterior piece through the gap. Close the gap using a hidden stitch or you can topstitch it as it won’t be seen from the outside.

Put again the lining inside the stocking. Give it a little press to have crisp edges. As you can see making a quilted christmas stocking is so easy!

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