I never get tired of saying that without the input of the testers who spend so much time testing and commenting on my patterns, it would not be possible to bring them to light. This part of pattern writing is the most beautiful and rewarding. See how your creation comes to life and how it is interpreted (and in many cases improved) by several people who altruistically dedicate part of their resources to bring this work to a successful conclusion.

Here is a small sample of their work.


Originally from France, I made a home for my family in the gorgeous English Countryside over 25 years ago.

I started sewing 5 years ago and it quickly became a much needed creative outlet. I initially made bags, lots of bags in cork and tweed and waxed canvas. Like a lot of people Lockdown has been a challenging time which for me resulted in a slight shift in passion, and this has led me to the wonderfully energising world of quilting.

And now I find myself inspired by and passionate about the colours, designs, history (from traditional to modern), texture and skills involved in quilting.

I am Kersten from Australia I’ve been quilting for 10-15 years. At the moments I tend to use the colours of Autumn/ Fall and the colours of a sunrise/sunset sky in my quilts. 
When Im not quilting I am looking after my 5 small children.

Hi, I’m Amaya! I’m from Medina del Campo (Valladolid).

As a child I liked to crochet with my grandmother, I have always liked sewing and with the help of my mother I sewed clothes in young years. 27 years ago love brought me to Munich (Germany) and here I live with my husband, my children, and a dog and cat.

In my children’s Kindergarten I met a mother who made patchwork in a group, I signed up and since then I can’t stop sewing! Before the pandemic, I tried doing a test for a pattern and I loved the experience.

I would like to design Quilts but unfortunately I lack the artistic streak, so I really enjoy doing Tester for Augusto! 


Verena is from Germany and she runs the cutest quilt shop in Herrsching. She has available a wide variety of fabrics, precuts, threads, tools and whatever you might need for your favourite craft.

You may find more infos about her shop here.

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