Hi all!

I bring you in this post this version that I made for the launch of Verbena Quilt. This pattern is part of a series of patterns inspired by Spanish words and closes that series.

If you follow my work, you will know that, normally, I use a quite vivid and contrasting color palette, with an abundance of primary colors combined with secondary ones, but this design works great with just two colors, as the minimalistic graphic style gives the quilt enough character.

The colors finally chosen were black and off white. I also didn’t want the contrast to be excessive, so I went for a Kona Snow, making it softer than using pure white.

The construction of the quilt is quite simple, although there is a great variety of sewing techniques in it.

The idea was to bring together different types of blocks in a single quilt to make it as fun as possible: triangles, strips, squares, curves and appliqué: a real quilt party.

quilting, I limited myself to parallel lines separated by 1/2 inch, to maintain the minimalist character and give all the prominence to the graphic section of the quilt.

Here I leave you some photos I made on the beach. I really love how the colour of the sand matches the background colour of the quilt.

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