One of the techniques that can bring us more headaches, when assembling the top of a quilt, is how to match diagonal seams. Matching these seams and making the lines coincide in the same point, is the typical detail that makes our quilt look much better finished.

With practice, and after many unsuccessful attempts, the technique that works best for me and gives the best results, is the one that I teach you below. It is a very simple technique to apply and although it seems that it takes a long time to place the pins, in the end the result is worth it, since you avoid having to unpick, which is something that I think we all hate more or less.

In this specific case, the Flor pattern, when we have to sew the rows together, we have several diagonal seams in the hexagons of one row that we need to match with the seams of the strips of the next row. IMG 1.

To do this, we face the rows right sides together, aligning the edges. IMG 2.

We fold 1/4 ” the edge of the top row IMG 3, which is the seam allowance we are using, and press with our fingers to make a crease.

We reposition the piece until the points coincide, as seen in the IMG 4.

Pin to secure, just where the crease of the 1/4″ we have made. IMG 5.

We lift the fabric a little to check that the pin goes right through the seam line of the bottom layer. IMG 6.

We repeat the process with the other seam. IMG 7.

Sew with a 1/4 ” seam allowance along the edge, checking that the needle goes right where we have pierced the fabric with the pin. IMG 8.

Open the piece and check that the seams match perfectly. IMG 9 & 10.

This technique can be applied to any pattern. It also helps you match straight lines, and it will prevent you from having to unstitch countless times because the lines do not match.

And you, do you have any trick on how to marry diagonal seams? Has this post been useful? Leave me your ideas and opinions in the comments!

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