Whenever I start a new project, I wonder which is the most suitable size for its intended use. And that’s when I start searching the internet for the appropriate quilt sizes for each location.

So I decided to write this post where I indicate those that, for me, are the most appropriate.

Here you have a visual graph showing what those sizes are:

These sizes are not, far from it, with closed measurements. It all depends on how you want the quilt to look on your bed or crib. It depends on what drape you want it to have, or directly, not to have it. There are many people who, for example, use a twin size for a queen size mattress, and vice versa. Or, on the contrary, they make the sofa size 8 inches larger on each side, so that they can better cuddle underneath it. There is no accounting for taste.

Here is another table with different size ranges, so that you can decide the final size of your quilt.

BABY30″×40″30″ to 45″40″ to 54″
CRIB36″×52″35″ to 50″45″ to 60″
THROW50″×65″45″ to 60″65″ to 76″
TWIN70″×90″55″ to 70″85″ to 100″
BED85″×90″70″ to 85″80″ to 100″
QUEEN90″×108″75″ to 90″95″ to 108″
KING110″×108″100″ to 115″105″ to 115″

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