I have been waiting such a long time for this to happen… The Plus issue of Curated Quilts was shipped in early January, but due to the Covid-19 measures in the Spanish customs, i had to patiently wait one month to receive it. But it has absolutely worth it!

Back in October, when i was chosen to be featured in the magazine, the mere fact that this publication decided to choose my quilt, was already a great joy for me. But everything in all this time I have had a strange feeling, like I did not quite believe it. But when I finally opened the envelope and could see that my quilt was actually on the cover, I had a feeling of mixed excitement with nervousness.

This is the first time that I read the magazine, and the truth is that it is really wonderful. In addition to having a truly exceptional gallery of quilts, there is a great variety of articles with very interesting themes, such as that of Pantera Saint-Montagne, an artist specializing in the artisanal printing of fabrics with screen printing. In addition, there are 3 gorgeous quilt patterns included in the magazine.

There is also a section of quilt patterns plus theme related and some book recommendations. You will also find a very interesting quilting book recommendation section and, of course, the mini quilt challenge section.

If you want to purchase this issue or any other issues, in paper or digital format, you can have a 10% discount on the price following this link or using the code CAPAQUILTS10.

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