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With this tutorial you might learn new tips to sew curved pieces. I have made this tutorial for my Stained Glass Quilt, but you can use it for any other project. You may find how to sew a circle to square. Let’s start!!!

Begin by starching your fabric. Cut the paper templates and stick them onto a cardboard. You may also cut them from a thin plexi (like the ones used for book spiral binding). It is going to be easier to draw them onto the fabric and trim the units at the end.

First of all, we fold each unit, separately, in half along the curve to find the centre. Mark the centre by finger pressing it.

Then fold the units again half along the curve. Mark the centre by finger pressing it.

Put circle unit over square unit, both right sides up.

Flip one edge of the square and pin it to the circle, lining up the creases and the edges of the two units.

Repeat the process with the oposite border, pinning aligining the units.

Then repeat the process with right edge and left edge.

Pin as needed along the curve.

Sew along the curve with a scant 1/4” seam allowance, removing pins as you go. If you use a 1.5 mm stitch, the final curve will be smoother. and it will be easier using a pair of tweezers. Press the seams open. By pressing the seams open you’ll have a more flatter seam.

Use the trimming template corresponding to each size to trim the excess of fabric. For this cutting i like to use the 18 mm rotary cutter. It is easier to cut small pieces and you can easily avoid damaging the template.

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